8 Terms that you might have seen but don’t know its meaning.

Authoring Tool

Authoring Tool, also known as authorware, is a program to help write hypertext or multimedia applications. Authoring tools allow you to link together objects, such as a paragraph of text, an illustration, or a song.

Automatic Vectorization

Automatic vectorization, in the context of a computer program, refers to the transformation of a series of operations performed linearly, one step at a time, to operations performed in parallel, several at once, in a manner suitable for processing by a vector processor.

Automatic Parallelization

Automatic Parallelization, is a computer compiler optimization technique, which refers to the use of a optimizing parallelizing compiler to convert sequential code into multi-threaded or vectorized (or even both) code in order to utilize multiple processors simultaneously in a shared-memory multiprocessor (SMP) machine. The goal of automatic parallelization is to relieve programers from the tedious and error-prone manual parallelization process.

Application Stack

Application stack, also known as application suite or application set, is a group of applications closely related in functionality. For example, a typical office application stack would include programs such as word processing, spreadsheet, database, etc. as well as a Web browser and e-mail and instant messaging programs.

Application Server

An application server is a server computer in a computer network dedicated to running certain software applications. The term also refers to the software installed on such a computer to facilitate the serving (running) of other applications. For example, an web application server delivers content to the Web, interprets site traffic and constructs pages based on a dynamic content repository.

Application Package

Application package includes the software programs and related documentation and instruction manuals of this particular software.

Active Content

Active Content is the program code embedded in the contents of a web page. When the page is accessed by a web browser, the embedded code is automatically downloaded and executed on the user’s workstation.


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